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Private Pilot License Europe - Get your ppl europe - 5 MIN READ

Have you ever thought about getting your private pilot license in Europe? (If you’re looking for a guide for a Private Pilot Licence UK or America, then check out those guides)! 

This license will allow you to fly for fun, as well as fly your friends and family all around the country.

It is one of the most exciting and unique hobbies you can possibly do, and something I myself desire to do again in the future (funny thing is I am qualified to fly an Airbus jet but don’t have my PPL license!)

Costing between €8000-€15,000+, it is an expensive hobby, to say the least. But 100% worth it in my opinion, and the opinion of the many that have done it!

Done quickly, you can expect this course to be completed in 2-6 months. Usually the quicker you want to complete the course, the more expensive it becomes!

So how do you get your private pilot’s license? In this guide, I am going to explain exactly what you need to do.

Or, if you’re most interested in how to become an airline pilot, you can read our full guide. 

Get your private pilot license today! 

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Theoretical Requirements For A Private Pilot License

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Theoretical Requirements:

There are nine subjects covered in PPL theory training and provide insights into the examination process:

Air Law:

  • This subject covers topics such as airspace classifications, flight rules, licensing requirements, and operational procedures within controlled and uncontrolled airspace.

Aircraft General Knowledge (AGK):

  • AGK provides an in-depth understanding of aircraft design, systems, instrumentation,

electrical systems, engines, and emergency equipment.

Flight Planning & Performance:

  • This subject covers aspects such as fuel planning, weight and balance considerations, takeoff and landing performance, and operational limitations of the aircraft.

Human Performance & Limitations (HPL):

  • Pilots learn about human factors, stress management, situational awareness, decision-making processes, and the effects of altitude and G-forces on the body.


  • Pilots learn about cloud formations, wind patterns, atmospheric phenomena, and the impact of weather on flight operations.


  • Topics covered include map reading, plotting routes, calculating headings, using navigation instruments, and understanding the principles of dead reckoning and pilotage.

Operational Procedures (OP):

  • This subject includes topics such as pre-flight inspections, aircraft handling, radio communications, emergency procedures, and traffic pattern operations.

Principles of Flight (PoF):

  • Pilots learn about lift and drag forces, the effects of control surfaces, stall and spin characteristics, and the factors that influence aircraft performance.

Communications: Clear and Effective Radio Telephony

  • Communications focuses on radio telephony skills, which are crucial for effective communication with air traffic control (ATC) and other aircraft. Pilots learn proper phraseology, communication procedures, and how to convey essential information accurately and concisely.

Administered by examining authorities, PPL EASA theory exams vary in duration and question count. Typically, there are nine exams, each corresponding to a specific subject. 

However, some authorities may combine Air Law and Operational Procedures into a single exam to streamline the assessment process. Additionally, certain regions may require candidates to take all exams on the same day.

Candidates are granted a maximum of 18 months from the end of the calendar month in which they pass their first exam to complete all the required exams. It’s important to note that candidates have a limit of four attempts per exam, underscoring the significance of thorough preparation and focused study.

Flight Requirements For A Private Pilot License Europe

Cessna passes a flight license.

Total Flight Hours:

Aviation authorities in Europe mandate a minimum of 45 hours of flight training before the issuance of a PPL. These hours are designed to provide aspiring pilots with a solid foundation in aircraft handling, navigation, and decision-making.

Dual Control Training:

During your flight training, it is essential to complete a minimum of 25 hours of dual control training. This involves flying alongside one of the instructors provided by the flight school. Dual control training allows for real-time guidance, enabling students to develop their skills through practical instruction and feedback.

Supervised Solo Flight:

Pilots are also required to complete at least 10 hours of supervised solo flight. Additionally, this phase includes a minimum of five hours dedicated to navigational flights, allowing pilots to gain experience in planning and executing flights over varying distances.

There is the flexibility to commence practical flight training before completing the theory component. This arrangement allows pilots to gain hands-on experience in the cockpit while simultaneously pursuing theoretical knowledge.

Private Pilot License Europe - Skills Test

Skill test:

During the skill test, applicants are permitted to repeat any maneuver or procedure once. The Flight Examiner has the authority to stop the test at any stage if the applicant’s flying skills require a complete retest. The applicant is required to demonstrate their abilities as if they were the sole crew member, performing the PIC functions from an appropriate position in the aircraft.

In cases of an unsuccessful skill test or incomplete sections, additional training in a flight school may be required. There is no restriction on the number of attempts allowed for the PPL skill test. If an applicant chooses to terminate the PPL skill test due to inadequate reasons determined by

the Flight Examiner, the entire test must be retaken. However, if the test is terminated for valid reasons determined by the Flight Examiner, only the remaining sections need to be completed in a subsequent flight.

Cost Of Getting Your Private Pilot License Europe


The cost of obtaining a Private Pilot License (PPL) in Europe can vary depending on various factors such as the flight school, aircraft rental rates, and most importantly the country the PPL training is taking place.

Flight Training:

The cost of flight training for a PPL typically ranges between €8,000 and €15,000. This includes the required dual instruction hours with an instructor and supervised solo flight time, as well as the use of training aircraft.

Ground School:

Ground school fees can vary, but they are generally in the range of €500 to €1,500. These fees cover the theoretical knowledge instruction, study materials, and any additional ground training sessions.

Examination Fees:

There are fees associated with the theoretical exams required for the PPL. The exact fees can vary depending on the country and the number of exams taken, but they typically range from €50 to €150 per exam.

Medical Requirements For A Private Pilot License

A Class 2 Medical Certificate is required to receive a private pilot license (PPL).

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