Private Pilot License Cost – How Much Is A PPL?

PPL Cost

Private Pilot License Cost – The Full Story

So you want to get your Private Pilots Licence (PPL) and enjoy the freedom of flying as a hobby. 

However, you might be wondering what is the Private Pilot License Cost.

In this blog post, we will look at the cost in America, The UK, and Europe.

If you are wondering how to get your private pilot license, then take a look at our guides!

But in this article, lets focus on the cost.

So how much does a Private Pilots License (PPL) cost?

Private Pilot License Cost America

Private Pilots License Cost America

So what is the private pilot license cost in America?

Total Investment:

While the total cost of obtaining a private pilot license ranges from $10,000 to $17,000 or more, the experiences, memories, and opportunities that await you make it an investment well worth the price.

Training Costs:

The cornerstone of your private pilot journey lies in acquiring the necessary flight training. Budgeting for an average range of $8,000 to $15,000 is crucial to cover flight lessons, instructor fees, aircraft rental, and training materials

Examination Fees:

Upon completing your training, it’s time to put your knowledge and skills to the test. The examination process comprises a written exam and a practical test. The written exam typically incurs a fee of approximately $100, while the practical test, administered by a designated FAA examiner, carries a cost of around $500.

Equipment Costs:

Preparing for your flight adventures necessitates the right equipment. A critical component is a high-quality headset, which can range from $200 to $500. Additionally, investing in books,

charts, and other training materials for ground school and flight instruction is essential.

Medical Examination:

Before obtaining your private pilot license, a comprehensive medical examination conducted by an Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) is required. This evaluation ensures that you are in optimal health and fit for flight. The cost of the medical examination can vary from $100 to $400, depending on the complexity of the assessment.

Private Pilot License Cost United Kingdom

Private pilot license cost UK

In the UK, you can expect your PPL pilot license to cost you between £12,000 and £16,000. 

 The upper end of this cost would include the charges for exams, airport fees, licence admin fees, medical certificates etc. 

This makes it a rather expensive hobby, but it is worth noting that you can conduct this training for a couple of years, meaning there is no requirement to pay an upfront sum.

The cost of a private pilots license (PPL) is slightly cheaper to learn to fly in the USA, which is why some commercial flight training organizations will send their cadets to the states to learn to fly. 

Therefore, in America, you can expect your PPL to cost around $15,000 with the additional fees we discussed.

Private Pilot License Cost Europe

A hand signing a document stating 'private pilot license' with a UK flag behind.

Private Pilot License Cost Europe:

The cost of obtaining a Private Pilot License (PPL) in Europe can vary depending on various factors such as the flight school, aircraft rental rates, and most importantly the country the PPL training is taking place.

Flight Training:

The cost of flight training for a PPL typically ranges between €8,000 and €15,000. This includes the required dual instruction hours with an instructor and supervised solo flight time, as well as the use of training aircraft.

Ground School:

Ground school fees can vary, but they are generally in the range of €500 to €1,500. These fees cover the theoretical knowledge instruction, study materials, and any additional ground training sessions.

Examination Fees:

There are fees associated with the theoretical exams required for the PPL. The exact fees can vary depending on the country and the number of exams taken, but they typically range from €50 to €150 per exam.

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What Is A Private Pilot Licence?

If you are interested in being able to fly but don’t particularly want to make it both your passion and your job, then a Private Pilots Licence (PPL) is probably for you. 

A Private Pilots Licence allows you to fly small, light aircraft (and sometimes slightly larger aircraft) when desired.

You can take friends and family or even help people complete tasks. These tasks could include helping wildlife conservationists sample different areas of the country and providing a photographer with the opportunity to get some fantastic aerial images. 

You cannot use this licence to generate income or revenue for your flying, so you can’t legally charge people to fly with you.

To charge money and therefore fly commercially would require a Commercial Pilots Licence, or as it’s known as, a CPL.

Should I get a PPL If I Want To Be An Airline Pilot?

Some see getting their PPL as their first significant milestone in becoming a commercial airline pilot.

If this is you, and you plan on getting your PPL before doing your full commercial pilot training, then you must research each flight school to see if any of your flying hours will be credited within the training.

For example, the Civil Aviation Authority website states that:

 “if you hold an ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) compliant PPL(A) or PPL(H), 50% of the hours flown can be credited, up to a maximum of 40 hours, – or 45 hours if you have an aeroplane night rating, – of which up to 20 hours may count towards the requirement for dual instruction flight time.”

Gosh, that all sounds very technical, doesn’t it.?

To summarise, if you are going into commercial pilot training with a PPL or other licence, it’s worth enquiring whether a flight school will credit you any of these hours, as this may reduce the fairly substantial cost of pilot training.

What Are The Requirments For A PPL?

It depends on the country where you are conducting your Private Pilot License.

However, you must conduct several theoretical tests set out by the CAA, FAA or EASA, depending on the country and governing authority you fall under.

These are usually between 9-12 different exam topics. 

You must also complete around 40 hours of flight time and then pass an examined flight test.

Go checkout our how to get your private pilots license guides, which will cover all of the requirements in detail!

Summary - Private Pilots License (PPL) Cost

So we have discussed the figure associated with a Private Pilots License (PPL) Cost. 

So is it worth it?

Yes. Flying for a hobby is simply one of the most incredible hobbies on this earth. There is nothing like taking your friends and family flying on a beautiful summer’s day.

It’s also a fantastic way to progress through your pilot training to becoming a commercial pilot, and should you ever decide to pursue this fantastic career, you already have this licence under your belt.

If you are interested in becoming an airline pilot, you can read our free blog post that explains how to become a commercial pilot. It explains everything you need to know to start your commercial pilot training, including the airline pilots’ licence cost!

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