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Getting An Airline Job After Pilot Training - Pilot Jobs

Pilot Jobs After Pilot Training

After paying a fortune for pilot training, how likely are you to get a pilot job afterwards?

This can be one of the scariest parts of pilot training. Every pilot begins their training to be given a pilot job at the end.

In this post, we will discuss all the factors that can impact how quickly pilots can get jobs with airlines after their commercial pilot training.

This blog post is part of our extensive How To Become A Commercial Pilot Guide. You’ll find a wealth of information about finding the best flight school, different pilot training routes, and passing assessment tests and much more!

Pilot Jobs – How To Get Them After Training


By finishing your commercial pilot training with your respective flight training organisation (FTO), if, on an integrated or modular training course, you will hold a frozen ATPL (Air Transport Pilot’s Licence).

As a result, you are now eligible to be employed by an airline and, on successful completion of a type rating, will be eligible to transport passengers worldwide in a commercial airliner.

Before you begin your pilot training, some airlines will ‘tag’ you, guaranteeing you a pilot job on completion of your pilot training. This is known as an MPL or ‘sponsored’ route.

Factors Impacting Your Chances Of A Pilot Job


How quickly you receive a job depends on various factors.

For example, your chosen FTO may place you in their airline ‘holding pool’, where you will await a job offer from their partner airlines. Alternatively, you may be required to apply directly to an airline of your choice if they do not offer this service.

Whatever your position in terms of your employment offers, your employability will depend massively on your training record. 

  • First time passes in all 14 of your ATPL exams. 

  • First time passes in flying tests.

  • A glowing report during your MCC/AQC course

Should you satisfy these criteria, you will be eligible to be recruited by or apply to any airline. 

Sadly, some airlines will not offer pilot jobs to cadets that have had multiple fails throughout their training.

But, again, I’m not trying to scare you with this. 

And I must again emphasise that several cadets on my course failed exams and flying tests or didn’t perform as well as they could have during their AQC course. 

These individuals are now happily employed by large European airlines. It did, however, take them slightly longer to find employment. 

Is Now A Good Time To Get A Pilot Job?

Yes! Airlines are now heavily recruiting once again, which is fantastic news!

The world is about to hit a desperate pilot shortage, which will cause many airlines to lose considerable money due to not having enough pilots to operate their schedules.

If you want to read more about this pilot shortage and whether or not now is an excellent time to become an airline pilot and get a pilot job.

How Long Did It Take Me To Get A Pilot Job?

You might not even believe me if I told you.

It took me just three minutes to get a pilot job offer to complete my pilot training.

This was to fly an Airbus A320 aircraft with EasyJet, one of Europe’s best airlines!

Did I know the industry would be great when I started my pilot training? No, I did not.

However, I knew that if I dedicated myself to excelling in my pilot training, I would be in a fantastic position to pick up a pilot job at the end of my commercial pilot training.

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